Friday, June 3, 2016

The Importance and Power of Voting

The fact that we live in a democracy is a privilege that many of us take for granted. People who live in the United States don't think about what it is like to live under a dictatorship. It is time that all of us take some notice of the great plan that the founding fathers set in motion for this country.

Affect Change With Your Vote

The power to vote means that we have the ability to decide exactly the way that the country will be run. This affects everything from taxes to issues of morality and social policy. Few people seem to realize that they have literally the power of life and death with their vote. Their decisions make a difference with respect to issues such as abortion and when we will go to war.

 Another thing that people don't usually consider is that the politicians typically speaking don't take their positions on issues in a vacuum. They form their platform to conform with the groups that will get them the most votes. This means that voters have an even more direct influence on the nature of policy than they may realize.

Don't Give Up Your Right to Vote

If voting is so important, then why do so many people refuse to vote? Many look at it this way: My vote is just a drop in the bucket. It doesn't really count. While it may be true that an election is never won by the casting of one vote, our behavior has a deep effect upon those who are around us. When your family and friends know that you vote, it inspires them to vote and voice their opinions about the political issues of the day.

Empower Yourself by Voting

What many don't think about also is that, when you vote, you are empowering yourself in a certain way. It's important that a person feels that they can gain some control of their own destiny. It is also important that you give expression to your innermost desires and views. People who live in places where they cannot vote feel stifled and silenced.

Participate in Your Democracy

The percentage of people who vote in this country has been on the decline. With the upcoming elections, it is important to spread the word of the importance of voting. Many are disappointed about the selection of candidates and say that they won't vote in the upcoming election. It is important to sway them to vote simply because it is crucial that everyone participates in our great democracy.

David Firester is an experienced intelligence analyst and founder of TRAC Intelligence, a threat analysis firm.

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