Friday, May 13, 2016

SpaceX Continues to Push the Boundaries and Succeed

SpaceX continues to push the boundaries and succeed

One of the greatest unforeseen results of the space race is that it made the impossible feel routine. For anyone not inside Mission Control, a shuttle launch was news, but it ceased to be Must See TV. Then, without much fanfare, shuttle launches became a thing of the past. Routine got mothballed, and Americans lost their wonder, their thirst for exploration outside this planet. But a few intrepid entrepreneurs are seeking to change that. Their companies are finding success and reigniting that American thirst for making the impossible routine.

Are Apple’s Struggles Related to Jobs?

Are Apple's Struggles Jobs Related?

Apple just suffered its first disappointing quarter in the market equivalent of forever. Sluggish iPhone sales have investors raising eyebrows at the chicest consumer tech company in the biz. How bad has it gotten at Apple? Well, the first sales decline in 13 years motivated a massive selloff that dropped the company’s market value by roughly $43 billion. Yes, with a “B”.